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For the first part of my life, I tried to become the best at school, medicine, practice, etc., and at some level, I got all those things… but I was struggling internally even after those major accomplishments in my life.
I still hadn't achieved my real goals of health, peace (in the mind and body), freedom, and purpose. So now I am in pursuit of becoming the best version of my own inner self.
As I learned what worked, I wanted to pass on this knowledge. I started sharing on social media but I knew I needed to reach and help more individuals. Now I publish content such as books and articles, speaking engagements, and consulting. This is what led to me creating this new program, allowing me to work closely with others in helping the become the best version of themselves. 

“Working with Dr. Amy has been transformational.  As a physician, I’ve tried so many things before but something just clicked when I started to work with her.  I am now down over 20 lbs and feel more confident in my work than ever before.   Dr. Amy has been motivational and supportive throughout my journey. “

Join a challenge, get to know the community, beginning a meal plan or new workout. Learn about circadian health and intermittent fasting.

The Brain + Gut Connection

Let's dive deep into what creates good gut health, why it’s important, how it influences our food preferences, cravings, and mindset. We'll get down to the science and research of it all. 

Hormone Health + Metabolism

This is an area that is so misunderstood and wellness and in medicine. Hormone health and metabolism is intimately connected to gut health and brain health. Let’s dive deep into how to optimize this.

Nutrition, Circadian Rhythms + Intermittent Fasting

Circadian rhythms influence everything and how we can optimize them in the way that we eat, sleep etc. I will also cover the modern science informed version of nutrition.


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